Community Service Hour Students

Are you in high school or college and need hours in order to graduate?  We can help! You will gain real life experience, and learn from an inclusive, friendly team

Student Placements

Do you have CPR and First Aid training? (Not required but a bonus!)
Are you outgoing, a leader who takes initiative or are you more shy and reserved? (We have jobs for all personality types!)
Are you artsy and creative?

We do lots of fun things throughout the year,  i.e., summer camps, parade/float making and costumes/make-up for the Bowmanville Santa Claus parade with Knox’s Pumpkin Farm, face-painting for festivals and special events, and more! If this interests you please let us know! Janet is also on the Bowmanville Parade committee and can direct you for hours there as well.  Our business is great experience for potential future jobs such as: photography, social media, Fine Art, graphic design, teachers, admin work, program planner, camp director, counsellors and more! 

Let us know what interests you the most here for hours so we can contact you for an interview! Yes, interview so you get experience as well. (Don’t worry it’s fun! Not scary, we just want to meet you in person if you want to help us!😊) Experience helps you grow and adds to your resume.